What we offer

Services and products for managerial innovation as expert on the human-machine interaction

We do this both through advanced technological tools – Robotic Presence – and through the study of organizations and the inspiration of great thinkers.
Our approach has a common denominator: the sharing in each service or product of a new paradigm, called  «Net Leadership».

Leaders Acquisition & Market Analysis

Leaders Acquisition & Market Analysis means a way of analyzing the talent of the Leader who must enter in company to cope with changes and innovation, then creating a dedicated dossier that analyzes the market, candidate’s skills and his/her future mindset (an essential element of today).

Change Management

Our Change Management method aims to co-create with clients a Future Mindset, capable of moving people with flexibility in the market “earthquakes” and make them grow.


Future Trends & Inspirational Mentorship

It is a model of Corporate Education

It involves inspirational moments with international speakers who have gained authority within their field and who are able to better communicate the extent of the profound transformation that is taking place in the world. The Mentorship Lab that follows, is created to make people benefit from what the speakers have said and to train the competence of the future: the “Future Literacy” (ability to anticipate the future, UNESCO’s skill for 2020).


Leadership School

Acting and behaving as a leader is the closest step to authentic leadership.

Through the method of extrospection, you observe, try, make mistakes, tare better and try again. This is the way to learn leadership in order to be able to manage your business, manage other people and manage yourself. It’s a process made of days of co-construction in groups and individual “one-to-ones” with a focus on the managerial goal that you want to achieve.



MeCoTu (patented method) is an Individual Academy

It combines mentoring, coaching and tutoring. It works on real and measurable goals that can be achieved by working on the managerial potential, initially identified with tools such as: interviews, surveys, competence assessments, FACS (facial assessments) and EQ’s evaluation (emotional intelligence).

Corporate Check-In

The Corporate Check-in is a tool that we make available with the aim of giving each organization the opportunity to understand its own level of health, innovation and adaptability to the great changes underway.

The test provides useful information that will allow to better understand the current situation of a company, guiding it towards an improvement of the necessary skills and towards the implementation of new methods of managing the business.

Robotic Presence

The Robotic Presence is a technological tool which, thanks to a robotic body, allows the driver to be present and interact anywhere in the world. It is a tool that enables people to be present in the office as if they were there (you can enter a meeting, follow a colleague in the hall, take a break with the team, give in-presence feedbacks and more). 

In addition to this, it is a true change management tool that allows people to acquire the “smart working” mindset that focuses on targets achievement. It is effective because it enables people to be present in the office with 3 dimensions, real not virtual.

They say about the Robotic Presence:
“For the first or second day, it will be an absolute news. The next day, it’s like: “ah yes, that’s Andrea in the robot”.


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