What is the Robotic Presence?

Robotic Presence is a technology that, thanks to the use of a robotic body, allows those who use it as a “body” to be present in 3 dimensions anywhere in the world, in real time, even thousands of kilometers away.

It’s an actual robot equipped with a screen, microphones, speakers and a metal body capable of moving in space thanks to special sensors. It allows the person who commands it from the PC or mobile phone, to be able to move independently in a space, at home, in the office, in a production plant, in a shop or department store, in the factory, in the hospital, in university, in a training room.

In fact, there are many areas where its use is an added value:

  • in the corporate world: it connects people in any situation (travel, offices or factories displaced, sick leaves, remote-working) making them present in 3 dimensions
  • in the healthcare field: it breaks down all barriers and makes a human doctor-patient-nurses relationship possible, even in extreme situations, as well as allowing 24/7 assistance thanks to freedom of movement and interaction at any time
  • in the educational world: it allows anyone to participate in face-to-face training sessions. Through the robot, you can be physically present in the classroom, at the university, during training sessions. It also allows those who want to attend training sessions from afar to do so. Always in-presence.

Therefore, the Robotic Presence is useful and usable for: workplaces and production plants, shops, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, museums, professional offices, public offices, consulting companies, domestic environments.

3 Bs: Bytes, Bricks e Behaviours.  

The Robotic Presence also has an additional added value, it is the agile tool par excellence, effective to train the mindset of the smart working that can be summarized with the “3 Bs”: Bytes, Bricks and Behaviors.

In fact, it’s a technology (Bytes), that connects to a space (Bricks), that enacts those behaviors without which the smart working would not impact the culture within the organizations (Behaviors). In particular, it helps making the switch from the “prediction and control” paradigm to the one of the Net Leadership. Everyone is called upon to occupy all their space (their Job description) and the Robotic Presence teaches who’s using it that occupy the personal space is not a concept related to the physical presence, but to the responsibility of defining single targets with the precision of methods and tools to achieve them.


It weighs 8 kg and it’s controlled remotely from a browser only by using a wi-fi connection.

  • The height of the robotic body can also be controlled remotely (from 120 to 150 cm).
  • The 3D sensors and the Click-to-Drive technology enable it to move wherever you want.
  • The integrated and removable screen, thanks to a multi-touch LED LCD display, sets a high definition resolution.
  • The two 13-megapixel cameras with zoom can signal virtual 3D objects to highlight the areas where it can be guided, paths, obstacles and even the charging station.
  • The charging time is 2 hours, while battery life lasts for 4 hours.
Those who tried the robotic presence have said about it:

“When you connect you are present in the meeting with mind, soul and body, just like the others in the office.”

“You feel the robot as an extension of your body, you are ‘really’ in the hospital, with the patient.”

“It is an authentic dimension; you are there in the unit and you talk to your colleagues.”

“You have total freedom of movement, you live the training in person, just like the others.”

“It is easy to ‘drive’: put the cursor and click to reach the destination.”

“You can interact immediately (no call or email); you have the opportunity to really collaborate and participate together in real time.”

“Immersive experience, it makes you feel like you are sitting in front of the table with the other person.”

“Great is the value that can be obtained by recreating a face-to-face experience, if someone drops a pen, you follow it…”

“It allows you to avoid many unnecessary trips.”

“Personally, I think I will buy it to spend more time with my parents.”

“Today you can hug people better than in presence … so it is…”

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