The Exclusive Workshop by Erika Rosenberg - March 23-24, 2021:

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    23-24 Marzo 2021 Workshop by Erika Rosenberg "Facial Expression, Emotion and Compassionate Connection"

    The face offers unique access to emotional experience. It can reveal our own, deepest feelings. It is also the lens through which others view us. Thus, the face acts as both a window in and a window out. This live, online workshop is designed to increase sensitivity to one’s own emotions and improve perception of other people’s emotions. In so doing, participants will learn to uncover their own compassionate nature, which can build courage and confidence in facing adversity.

    Erika Rosenberg

    About Dr. Rosenberg

    Erika Rosenberg, Ph.D. is a world-renowned expert in facial expression, who trains and consults on facial measurement using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) with academic, corporate, digital arts, and entertainment industry clients worldwide. She is the protégé of Paul Ekman, senior author of FACS, and has published widely on this measurement system, including educational materials and original scientific research, and currently is revising the official FACS manual. Dr. Rosenberg is Chief Scientific Officer at Humain, Ltd., a company that create digital humans, fantasy creatures and digital doubles for many of the top entertainment and technology companies around the world.

    23-24 Marzo 2021
    Workshop by Erika Rosenberg

    “Facial Expression, Emotion and Compassionate Connection”

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