Data have
a lot to say

We decided to share our Corporate Check-in with the aim of giving the possibility to the organizations to understand their level of health, innovation and sustainability in relation to the great changes ongoing. 

The Corporate Check-in test analyzes:

  • the efficiency of the structure of the organization;
  • the level of adaptation to transformations;
  • the attention to people within the organizations, in terms of allignment of values, training and satisfaction. 

If listened to and interpreted as whole, data have a lot to say…

What is Corporate Check-in?

The Corporate Check-in is an innovative questionnaire created by Beyond International consultants able to provide useful information that allows you to better analyze and understand the current situation of the organization, guiding it towards an improvement both in the necessary skills and in the implementation of new methods of managing the various business aspects.

Once the three sections that make up the questionnaire have been completed, based on the level obtained for each of them, the company will receive an overall score and a personalized profile, which will indicate one of the following three statuses:

Partially interested in improving

Interested in improving

Ready to win

Corporate Check-in is divided into 3 sections:

1.In the first section “Organizational Environment”, the user will be able to have a clear view on their level of organization, objectives and current business model. The highest “Strategic” score represents a flexible and aligned organization.

2.In the second section, “Adaptation to transformation” the user will be able to learn about the adaptability of his company to the changing world. The highest “Pioneer” score depicts an organization that is actively seeking innovation, oriented to the use of new technologies and open to change.

3.In the “People” section, the user will instead have the opportunity to investigate the sharing of values ​​in the company, general satisfaction and internal training interventions. The highest score, “Talent focus”, reflects an organization that invests time and attention to enhance talent.

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