school on artificial intelligence & robotics

Artificial Intelligence for everyone

The first School of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics powered by Beyond International provides basic knowledge about this topic to anyone wishing to become protagonist of the present and the future, and not a passive observer.  

This school is not addressed only to engineers or technology experts, but to anyone who is interested in developing a new mindset and a new vision.

Beyond International in partnership with


Integrates AI technical skills with psycological, philosophical and ethical skills.


Scientific committee composed by teachers and experts with a long experience in the field


The modules include theoretical lessons, exercises and case studies


Certificate awarded for those who attend more than 75% of the program


The language used in class translates the complex mathematical algorithms behind the mechanisms of Artificial Intelligence to bring them closer to everyone.


Anyone who has the curiosity to know more and to apply the knowledge learned in this school to life experiences and work: from smart home to telepresence at work. 


The School includes 4 sections for a total of 8 days. Each section covers the main aspects related to Artificial Intelligence & Robotics from theory to practice.

Each section will have a dedicated teacher who will provide an innovative and detailed overview of the specific topic.

Participants can freely choose whether to attend the entire course or specific modules based on their interests. 


  • Federica Mezzani

    Professor at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale- University of Rome

  • Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta

    Chief Diversity Officer at European Space Agency

  • Luisa Bagnoli

    CEO at Beyond International, Expert on Human-Robot Interaction and Expressions Scientist (FACS)

  • Marcello Cicerone

    Industry Head at Facebook

  • Barbara Cominelli

    CEO at JLL Italia

  • Emanuele Menegatti

    Professor of Robotics at University of Padua

  • Marina Geymonat

    Head of Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence, TIM

  • Domenico Cimmino

    R&D and Innovation Manager at Evolvere

Part I 

What is the Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Part II 

Artificial Intelligence  potentialities

Part III 

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life

Part IV 

Social implications of Artificial Intelligence 

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