Executive Search & Head Hunting


Beyond International work begins from an accurate mapping of the market for the procurement of the most suitable candidates in terms of hard and soft skills and alignment of values.
Beyond International, in a view of speeding up the selection process, makes a kick off of the project involving the entrepreneur, the HR and the managers of reference of the client.
Every client receives a Project Manager, assigned to be the link between the company itself and the various resources involved in the research inside Beyond International.
Every week the Project Manager sends the customer a detailed report on the working progress.
The action of Beyond International also extends assistance to the candidate during the successful conclusion of the negotiations and the delicate phase of resignation, up to the introduction in the company.
Our advisors will be in contact with the company and the candidates in the phase following the insertion in order to optimize their integration in the company structure and to ensure that the expectations of both parties are completely fulfilled.


The retention process includes the structuring of career plans for high potential people, but also their involvement to let them develop a strong sense of belonging which will allow continuity and duration to integration in company.


We have a unique model of international searches, in which we guarantee the same process and the realization of step by step researches, provided by the same advisors of reference for the customer.
Our approach in the opening of new commercial branches or production facilities abroad, that require the identification of the best talent in the international and/or local markets, is a planning approach.
Our consultants very often both speak the local language and also know the different cultures; therefore they support Managers and Entrepreneurs allowing the reduction of cultural informative asymmetries.


» Financial Institution, Banking & Insurance
» Private Equity
» Luxury Goods
» Manufacturing
» Food & Beverage
» Building & Construction
» Pharma/Healthcare
» Sport & Wellness
» Energy
» Services
» Start-up