Identity: Training, Assessment, Coaching



Companies are called today to a systematic work on corporate culture that may be considered "the hinge" that holds together the company proclaim (mission, vision, values) and its meaning in working life of everyday people that move to achieve targets while working with colleagues, approaching clients and standing in front of the challenges of the market.

The training is a valuable tool to make the hinge more effective in the alignment of the two parts (company and person).

Whether it is to transfer skills, train techniques, raise awareness to problems, inform on products, build processes, support the change of behavior, business training is useful to hold together the two parts of the hinge.


This tool allows you to gain important information on the potential of people and their managing and technical skills, with a reduced investment of time.
The analysis starts from a series of targeted interviews of internal staff and profiles in similar competing companies in order to have a market benchmark also with regard to the total Compensation of the analyzed positions.
The output will be a picture of critical skills for the role in the market benchmark.


The alignment of values at different levels of the organization is the most critical success aspect of a company.

The sharing of values, a common semantics assignment and a congruent systematization of the same leads to a connection with the business objectives and to their achievement : what emerges is therefore not only a new card of values but a business direction toward of the whole organization.


This kind of assessment is focused on evaluating technical skills required by our clients and crucial for specific managerial positions. Due to a deep knowledge of the market, Beyond International is able to give a managerial evaluation with regards to the Total Compensation too.


It is now proven that coaching has an immediate return on investment and all the Fortune 500 companies always use it as a tool for the training of its resources.

In a view of empowerment of human resources, Beyond is able to establish individual or team development paths through a patented method of coaching (MECOTU®).


Starting from an first phase of evaluation and awareness of their areas of improvement, the coachee will define together with the coach and the client company the most critical areas to work on, in order to start with a path of development of their potentiality by drawing himself the answers to their areas of development.


In the interests of personal empowerment, Beyond International is able to provide individual support to professionals who want to begin with a path of development free from a business process.


To carry out surveys of the condition of the corporate welfare and job satisfaction we use processes of climate analysis and assessments at 360°: the picture that emerges allows to implement welfare policies and structure of worklife balance plans.