Corporate Governance

Board Evaluation

In a comparison with the national and international Best Practices the attention seems to focus more and more on the centrality of the Board of Directors and on the rationalization of control systems: this requires a (self-) evaluation in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
The evaluation of the effectiveness refers to the ability to reach well-informed decisions and to enable professionality and profiles of different directors to give a contribution; the assessment of efficiency refers to time and costs of the Deliberative activity of the Board of Directors.
We support companies in the process of self-assessment by analyzing existing policies and their possible efficiency with a view to national and international benckmark.

Salary Benchmark

In view of Adaptation to the Auto-Discipline Code, we can support the Board of Directors and Committees for their Remuneration in defining Salary policies for directors and managers, balancing fixed and variable component to benchmark and periodically evaluating the suitability of the general policy of remuneration and of the organizational structure.
Structuring MBO plans for advisors, we help client companies to define measurable performance objectives by linking them to the value for its shareholders and to strategic business plans in the short, medium and long term.