Beyond International products



Through a targeted map of major competitors, and not only, it is possible to identify interesting professionals for our research. As support to direct research Beyond International also uses a constantly updated database, in addition to an on line network and staff. This allows a quick and timely research of the most interesting candidates and/or in line with our clients’ needs.



Ours is a planning approach, where we work hard in supporting our clients in ex-novo openings of sales offices or production facilities abroad that require the identification of the best talent on the international and/or local markets. Our consultants very often help managers and entrepreneurs, allowing the reduction of cultural informative asymmetries.



A proper system of Succession Planning should involve key company figures at all organizational levels. We need to build a pervasive system that, by checking the key positions in the company, verifies how these are covered at the moment, such as development plans and career paths of managers that can progress to a more senior position and, in case internal resources are not able to fill managerial positions tomorrow, always have an updated pipeline of the market to be reactive towards a vacant strategic position. We advise not to underestimate the need of a dynamic system at all levels and ensure a continuous updating of the map of the positions and key resources, starting from the identification of young talents with high potential, taking in consideration that, with the evolution of the business, different people can become necessary in different moments.



The assessment can have different evaluation objects: managers, technical skills, values. MANAGERS:It allows to acquire important information on the potential of people and their managing and technical skills with a small investment of time. The assessment of the aspects of personality and organizational behaviour of people is designed to identify areas of strength and development. TECHNICAL: This kind of assessment is focused on evaluating technical skills required by our clients and crucial for specific managerial positions. Due to a deep knowledge of the market, Beyond International is able to give a managerial evaluation with regards to the Total Compensation too. VALUES: The alignment of values at different organization levels is the most critical factor of success in a company. Sharing values, a common semantic assignment and coherent systematization of the same, lead to a correlation with the business target and to its achievement.



Companies today are called to continuous alignment between the temporary moment of the organization and that of individuals. This means a hard and set work on the corporate culture, on the actual connection between the proclaim (mission, identity and values of the company) and what this means in everyday working life. Beyond International follows companies engaged in these issues in order to strengthen METHODS, PROCESSES, INSTRUMENTS, AND WAYS TO MAKE AND TO WORK, in line with the corporate identity and with what it means in daily practical work.



With a view to personal empowerment, Beyond International is able to provide individual support to professionals who want to start a career of development. Starting from an initial phase of evaluation and awareness of improvement areas, the coachee will define together with the coach and the client company the most critical areas to work on, in order to start a path of development of his potentiality, finding by himself the answers to his problems.



Beyond International has patented a process based on individual leadership based on coaching, mentoring and tutoring.




Beyond International creates projects of variable definition, linked to the achievement of specific objectives of roles at various levels of the organization. The draft of an effective system of MBO must begin from an accurate analysis of the business plan. Targets can then be divided into economic (quantitative) and operative (qualitative) . The involvement of managers in the definition of their individual goals generates commitment and a higher target orientation.



Beyond International supports companies in the processes of self-evaluation in terms of efficacy and efficiency of the size, composition and operation of the Board of Directors and its committees. The realization of this process uses policies analysis and how they can be more efficient with a view to benchmarks at a national and international level. The assessment can only be organizational and procedural or also based on values and personality of the individual board members



PNC is a series of events dedicated to entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers and Italian and international talent, characterized by high affinity, invited to exchange views on markets, organizations and scenarios. The main objective of PNC is to facilitate the creation of a new culture, thus creating a virtuous community, to act as a driver for a cultural change of a society based on technologies and, at the same time, sharing and give-back.